I came to Amanda 18 months ago (as a lover of coffee, red wine and cigarettes) with very stained teeth and swollen, sensitive and bleeding gums. After an initial period of intense work through which her calm and sensitive approach removed my fear of any form of dental work I can happily report a complete and sustained healthy dental situation ever since. We both wish we had before and after photos as the improvement was incredible.

My side of the bargain is a healthy, arguably normal brushing regime supplemented with inter-dental mini brushes and mouthwash between three monthly visits. With the recent installation of the EMS-piezon, the process is now even quicker, easier and near painless.

My teeth basically get gently jet washed with bicarbonate of soda solution...takes a few minutes! I now have a healthy mouth and white teeth and recommend her services to anyone, particularly anyone nervous of dentists or hygienists!  

Neil Snozwell, Patient